Welcome to my creative space!

I’m excited to open up my world of art and passion to you. It’s more than just serendipity that brought you here on your transformative journey towards self-empowerment. You’re out there, smashing goals, crossing off milestones, and now, you’re poised to unveil your evolution to the world. You’ve got a compelling story yearning for the spotlight, and I’m here to encapsulate its spirit and authenticity through my lens.

But there’s more – as a lifestyle and branding photographer, I’m not just about capturing moments; I’m about crafting images that echo your unique narrative, amplify your brand, and connect deeply with your audience and yourself. Whether it’s the fierce determination in your eyes or the passionate energy of your work, I’m here to spotlight the essence of what makes you, well, you.

So, wander around, let the stories of powerful women in my photography fuel your inspiration.


Photography is Storytelling

As a photographer, I believe that storytelling is a crucial aspect of my craft. My photos don't just capture moments in time, they capture emotions and feelings that are unique to each subject and scene. To fully express the story behind each photo, I strive to write stories that capture the essence of those feelings.


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“Maria is magical, she captures your authenticity and takes you on a journey of undiscovered self love and inner beauty”