Welcome to my world!

I am so excited to share my art and passion with you.

There is a reason you found me along the path of transformation and self empowerment. You're doing the work, you're accomplishing many milestones, and you're ready to show the world! I know there is a story you want to tell and I want to capture its essence and authenticity in images. So take a look around and get inspired by the powerful women in my photography.

I can't wait to co-create a beautiful story with you.


Photography is Storytelling

As a photographer, I believe that storytelling is a crucial aspect of my craft. My photos don't just capture moments in time, they capture emotions and feelings that are unique to each subject and scene. To fully express the story behind each photo, I strive to write stories that capture the essence of those feelings.


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“Maria is magical, she captures your authenticity and takes you on a journey of undiscovered self love and inner beauty”